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Ich wurde in einer Flughafen-Militärstadt geboren. Ich habe industrielle Kommunikation und Datenmigration studiert. Meine Aufgabe ist Datenschutz und Analyse. Ich bin ein Lehrer, der die Arbeitslosigkeit beseitigt. Ich habe Polizisten darin trainiert, Internetprotokolle zu lesen. Ich habe Polizisten beigebracht, wie man Daten schützt. Ich arbeite gleichzeitig als Systemadministrator und Softwareentwickler. Ich bin Systemorganisator. Ich habe gerade zwei Software in der Lebensmittelproduktion erstellt. Die Produktion kann in Echtzeit auf einer Grafik abgelesen werden. [pdf]/ Ich kann eine VPN-Anwendung erstellen. Dies ist eine gute Echtzeitanalyse, sie hilft, die Qualität zu erhalten. Ich kenne Programmiersprachen: PHP, CISCO WIFI, Powershell, SQL In meiner Freizeit lese ich viele

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Könyves András
+36 30 399 3130

The economy likes to use international databases. I learned how to use, create and apply databases. I often create artificial intelligence programs. The key to quality control is the control and archiving of machine data by the EAN barcode.

I am Technical designer. I learned to make a radio transmission machine. It is a typical 2D hexagonal design, making it able to communicate across distances. There was a time when it didn´t work without data integration. I see the importance of this. I am studying the data protection church policy.

I often teach and organize important data: on an industrial scale. Data coming in real time is important to protect human food life, but processing historical data is another human task. This year, I created food fruit factory data processing program. This industry processing data interpreter helps many people in their work. [pdf]/

I can detect content in big data: It is a programmed interpreter that creates graphs from other machines and numbers and text. It helps managers make good decisions. It takes a lot of time and a lot of learning. The winning method is to use all symbols at the right time. A lot of reading and sitting reduces physical flexibility, so I often go for sports in the mountains and swim in the water. I love writing book reviews and taking photos of the book and the author:

My desire is to bring a programmer´s exam business to the present.

It is necessary to know the rags and recognize important words in the text. To do this I need a program written by me. It´s done, it´s just a matter of students coming to study.

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